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Build a Thriving Creative Business

No matter where you are in your journey as a creative entrepreneur, you can learn from the industry’s most sought-after artisans.

Plan for Profit

Simplify your success.

Make a living doing what you love by building a strong business foundation. Learn the tactics and strategies of profitable, passion-driven businesses that’ll make your life easier.

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Explore Business + Pricing Courses

Get Certified

If I Made is a world-renowned online education brand and we’re excited to provide you with a certification for the course you have taken. This confirms to potential clients or collaborators that you have learned from leaders in your field.

Welcome to If I Made’s online creative business and entrepreneur courses. So many creatives struggle with the business behind their vision, and we are here to help! These courses cover several creative businesses from floral design and venue ownership to wedding photography and cake design, and all focus on business management and pricing for creatives. Learn how experts like Sinclair + Moore, Sarah Winward, Erich McVey, Jasmine Rae, and Bows & Arrows run their businesses and price their products and services with our online creative business courses.

We also offer courses from our experts here at If I Made that can help with contracts and legal documents, booking clients, visual proposals, and more. We even have an online creative business course to help you create your own online course! So if you have been struggling with pricing or any other aspect of your business, look no further than If I Made’s online pricing courses for creatives, online creative business courses, and creative entrepreneur courses.

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Establish & Operate a Wedding Venue

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Build a Lucrative Floral Design Business

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The Business of Wedding Planning