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Creativity is your business. We provide the tools you need for the success you want.

About Us

Creatives seek beauty because of what it does, how it makes us feel, and how it inspires us. But we also want to be able to conceptualize, “That’s something I could actually create”. We want to produce a certain caliber of art, but we need to know it’s going to pay the bills. There is a fine balance between the ideal and keeping in touch with reality. That’s the world we live in.

We are an alternative learning resource for creatives and entrepreneurs. We partner with experts from around the world to help your creative ventures thrive.
About If I Made - an alternative learning resource for creatives and entrepreneurs

What we do.

As creatives ourselves, we know the “make it up as you go” feeling. There’s no one way to go about a successful creative life, but there is a ton to learn from the people blazing the trail ahead.

Based on what you want to learn and who you want to learn it from, we hand-pick experts to teach what they know and tell you how they got there.

We give you the chance to get inside the heads of the creatives you admire.

We distill their years of industry experience into thoughtfully designed courses that you can access anytime, for a lifetime, no matter where you are.

We know in your heart of hearts you just want to be an artist, but in order to do that, you have to know how to run your business. If I Made helps you do both, and makes it as simple as possible.

How our courses work.

If I Made is comprised of a diverse team of creatives and entrepreneurs. Every element of our process is designed with the creative community in mind.

Building a new course is a multilayered process. We go through weeks of analysis, spend months conducting interviews, asking hundreds of the most important questions we can think of. That information is siphoned into documents, videos, images, and interactive worksheets that are meticulously refined to ensure we’re hitting the struggles our community is facing.

When you buy a course, you have access to the completely original content for the rest of your life. Yep, you get to keep it forever. And, just in case you have any questions after you take the course, we offer live webinars with the expert so you’ll be able to ask whatever comes to mind.

Online Learning Courses - If I Made
IF I Made - How our courses work.

Why we do it.

From Emily Newman, founder of OnceWed and If I Made

After years of running OnceWed, I realized we were meeting a need we didn’t even know was there. Creative professionals were coming to Once Wed not only for inspiration, but as a tool for learning how to further their craft, get published, book more jobs, and stand out in an oversaturated market.

Our community has a strong desire to evolve; to reach new heights; to build sustainable, thriving businesses.  What was missing was an accessible resource to foster and cultivate this growth helping creatives to a place where collectively, as a whole, we’re thriving together. That’s when If I Made was born.

Meet the team.

Emily Newman
Tahnee Sanders
Content Strategist
Lindsay Ware
Senior Graphic Designer