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If I Made Affiliate Program

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Here’s how it works:

Earn a competitive commission with every course you sell.

Sell our library of online courses and make at least $200 per a sale. We’ll create you a unique link so you don’t miss a single payout.

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If you’re looking to venture into the world of passive income, all you have to do is apply–it takes just a couple of minutes.

Track your success and refine your strategy.

We’re empowering you with the data you need. With your personalized dashboard, you can feel confident tracking your clicks, referrals, and payouts.

This seems too good to be true. What’s the purpose of this program and what’s in it for me?

The good news? It’s all it’s cracked up to be. We know we’ve put together a darn good deal.

And here’s why: We’re determined to connect creative entrepreneurs with the education to grow their businesses in ways they could’ve never imagined (with their busy schedules, on their terms). Our online courses are carefully curated. Our instructors are the best in the business.

All that’s missing is you.

Your influence, your followers, and our courses are a match made in small business heaven–but your audience may not know who we are. Care to make the introduction? And because we know you put in the hours to build an audience who loves you, you deserve a cut of the profits. It’s like the bridesmaid who gets a special shout out at the wedding for arranging the blind date (plus money).

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Audience Demographic

Your audience is our audience. If I Made caters to creatives and entrepreneurs like yourself, mostly females (Hey girl gang!) from ages 20-35, which means that our courses are the perfect fit for your target audience, too!

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Why should I become an affiliate?

When you partner with If I Made, your brand gets instant credibility. We’re an online learning platform made by creatives, for creatives. We partner with the industry’s most celebrated experts to provide online courses in photography, floral design, wedding planning, styling, cake design, and more! By joining our team of affiliates, you can say you’re repping the same brand as Sinclair & Moore, Sarah Winward, Erich McVey, Ginny Au, and more.

That’s not not a big deal (at least we think so). Our affiliate program will empower you to align your brand with the best AND make money while selling world-class educational content your audience will love.


Not sold yet? The reviews are in!

Here’s what our affiliates are saying:

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Frequently Asked Questions

Seriously–will this program actually help me make money without having to do anything? That’s what passive income is, right?

Affiliate marketing gives you the ability to earn passive income–money that you earn by putting in the work upfront with potential for more as time goes on (for example, making an Instagram post about a course we’re selling that features your unique affiliate link). While there may be a little effort required to market our courses using your affiliate link, it can easily be thrown into the mix of what you’re already doing to serve your audience. In the grand scheme of things, it’s a simple, low maintenance way to increase your earning potential anytime to reach out and engage with your people. Once your link is out there, you can set it and forget it (or market the hell out of it and earn even more).

I don’t know how well my audience aligns with creative entrepreneurs. Is this the right partnership for me?

We are all creative. Humans were just born that way. And if the coronavirus pandemic has taught us anything, it’s this: a little spark of creativity can lead to a hell of a lot of joy (we’re looking at you, sourdough bread baking). You never know where your next passion is going to sneak up and surprise you. You may have a professional photographer or a cake design aficionado waiting to be found in your Instagram followers. And hey, if you still aren’t convinced, we’re always bringing new courses to our library of online education. There’s always something new to share with your audience.

When I DO post about our affiliate partnership, do my posts have to look or sound a certain way?

We trust you. However you want to direct to the program, you do you. Write whatever you’d like. Post whatever you want. Live in your brand and don’t worry so much about ours. This is on your terms. But here’s the thing: we know you’re busy. We get it–and we’ve got you covered. Affiliates will receive done-for-you copy and graphics to make selling our online courses easy. Save your mental energy for creating the content that built your audience in the first place: It’s our way of saying, “Thanks for letting us get in front of your people.”

Is there a certain quota for how often I have to post?

No quotas, here. We designed this program to give you as much flexibility as you want. Push our partnership as much (or as little) as you’d like.