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 PART I : Aesthetics

What it is and how it informs ours lives and art, how to look beyond an object and see the underlying meaning it represents, and how to develop your aesthetic voice.

PART II: What Makes A Great Image

Learn about all the elements required to make a great image, how to tell your story clearly and concisely, and how to create beautiful and compelling photo stories and layouts.

PART III: Rules of Styling

The rules of styling for any situation; how to work with content and composition to consistently create great styling.  

PART IV: How To Style Details

The nuts and bolts of styling the various visual elements that comprise a wedding or photoshoot including paper, flowers, models and more. 

PART V: How To Book Your Dream Wedding

Publishing, your portfolio, and approaching your work in a way that will attract your dream wedding clients. 

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Wedding Styling 101

Emily Newman + Joy Thigpen

Wedding Styling 101 is a brand new digital course providing a comprehensive curriculum in aesthetics and styling, with a particular emphasis on styling for weddings, events, and styled shoots.

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Join Emily Newman and Joy Thigpen in Wedding Styling 101 as they discuss aesthetics and styling for wedding, events, and styled shoots. Learn how to create beautiful and compelling photo stories and layouts, work with content and composition, and all the details that go into styling the visual components of weddings and events. Plus, discover how to develop your portfolio, get your work published, and attract your ideal clients!