How does this course compare to a one-on-one with Shanna Skidmore?

Shanna normally charges $250/hr or $1000+ for her workshops. If we were to set the price for this course according to the number of hours of teaching Shanna put into it, the total value would be in excess of $5000. The course is also filled with personal stories and worked pricing examples from a range of creative entrepreneurs, so we’re confident you’ll find a scenario that feels relevant to your personal situation.

Am I ready for this course? Maybe I just have to pay my dues first?

Yes, you've got to work hard, but the sad truth is that there is no guarantee that hard work will someday translate into a comfortable paycheck. The exciting news is this: we've seen so many creatives get started on the right foot, make a good living and expand their business in the first years off the ground because they have followed the principles in this course. If you work hard and price smart asap, you will get so much further so much faster.

What makes this course different from all the other pricing courses out there?

This course is unique because it's not just all numbers. It's written for creative entrepreneurs and understands the nuances of the mind of creatives as well as their types of businesses. This course outlines real world examples of photographers, event planners, florists, designers, and artists and gives detailed examples and worksheets for each industry.

Why pay for Pricing For Creatives when I can make a budget online at Mint.com for free?

We don't want to undermine the value of using a wonderful tool like Mint.com to track your monthly budget. But when it comes to structuring your pricing, the cookie cutter approach to running a business just doesn’t work for creative entrepreneurs. Pricing For Creatives provides an in-depth, comprehensive curriculum around creating a profit each and every time you sell a product or service. We provide step by step instructions on how to understand your needs and costs with relevant formulas created with creatives in mind.

Eek! All this business stuff overwhelms me (and sounds REALLY boring!)

You don't have to be a "numbers person" to understand and implement these practices in your own life. Shanna makes everything so clear, simple and interesting, and she takes you through it all step-by-step. And just take a minute to think about what's more overwhelming...years more of spinning your wheels like you are now, or taking a little time to dig in, educate yourself, make some smart changes, and become profitable soon? You could be outsourcing all the things you hate doing. You can do this!

Pricing for Creatives
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4 Case Study Videos
5 Worksheets + Dictionary of Terms
Q+A Follow-Up Webinar with Shanna
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