I’ve already purchased “Wedding Photography with Erich Mcvey”. What’s the difference?

Tec and Erich are both highly respected and admired in the industry, but their approach to photography couldn’t be more different. Which makes sense—no two photographers are the same. Tec’s journey has uniquely shaped how he approaches his craft. His experiences, opportunities, and perspectives are true to who he is, and he’s a pretty one-of-a-kind guy. While there will be some similar ground covered in his wedding course, Tec takes a deep-dive into how he got started, what happened along the way, and how he thinks about his business and work as an artist, which is very different from Erich’s experience. Tec also has a wealth of insight into commercial photography, which is especially new content that he shares in great detail in The Commercial Course.

‘I’m just getting started’ or ‘I’m an experienced photographer’. How do I know if this course is right for me?

The experiences and lessons which have shaped Tec’s career can apply to anyone, whether you shoot film or digital, you’re someone just starting out or an established shooter looking to challenge yourself creatively, or a photographer wanting to move beyond the world of weddings and break into the commercial market. This course was written with a range of experience levels in mind. For a detailed breakdown of the topics covered in The Wedding Course and The Commercial Course, visit the What You’ll Learn page.

I’ve been to one of Tec Petaja’s workshops before. Would I learn anything new from this course?

Definitely! Tec’s courses, The Wedding Course and The Commercial Course, share his years of experience in both the wedding and commercial photography industries. The combination of PDF chapters and behind-the-scenes videos give you an up-close and personal look at how he approaches all aspects of his craft. The added bonus is that you can work through the content at your own pace, pause and rewind as necessary, and write down all of your questions to have them answered at one of the follow-up webinars. You will also have the opportunity to gain insight into the world of commercial photography; something typically not covered in Tec’s in-person workshops.

I’m a digital photographer, but interested in learning how to transition into shooting film. Would this course be suitable for me?

For those new to film, we’ve included a Quick Guide to Film in The Wedding Course to catch you up on any of the lingo that might seem foreign. Then there’s the videos and written content where Tec shares all about his camera equipment and the film he works with, and finally you’ll love the detailed interview with Richard Photo Lab where you’ll hear answers to everything you’ve ever wondered about working with a lab. (Visit the What You’ll Learn page to read about the course content in greater detail.) But, if you're brand new to film photography and looking for a step-by-step approach to working with film, Wedding Photography with Erich McVey  is going to be a better fit for your needs as he goes into much greater detail about the technical information needed to become a film photographer.

I don’t work professionally as a photography but I really enjoy taking photos and would love to learn more about photography. Would this course be suitable for me?

Absolutely! This course is filled with practical knowledge that will help you improve your photography skills, regardless of your level of experience. Tec also shares his photography journey in great detail from when he was first starting out, so you’ll also be able to learn a lot from his experiences. There’s also plenty of practical tips about camera equipment, learning to work with film, composition, techniques for creating great images and more.

What sort of results can I expect?

This, of course, depends on where you’re at in your creative journey and the current state of your business. It also depends entirely on what you do with the knowledge. If you apply Tec’s teachings to your craft or photography business, we know it has the potential to elevate your work, reinvigorate your love of photography, and transform your experience of working as a professional photographer.

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