I’m new to styling. Will this course be too advanced for me?

Not at all. If you are trying to establish yourself as a stylist or photographer in the wedding industry, we’d highly recommend starting with Process Driven Design as this course is uniquely focussed on wedding design and imagery. If you are hoping to apply your styling skills beyond weddings, Loom: Lifestyle and Brand Curation is just what you need. This course shows you how to work with individuals and brands to design and produce content for an array of uses including website, social media and advertising campaigns. Purchased together as a combo, these courses will teach you everything you need to know about wedding and lifestyle styling.

I’ve attended one of Ginny’s workshopS and/or already bought Process Driven Design. Will I learn anything new?

Absolutely! Loom: Lifestyle and Brand Curation is the next step in Ginny Au’s design journey and will teach you how to transition your skills from the wedding industry ino the world of branding and commercial styling. In addition to the 12 videos filmed LIVE at Loom workshop, Loom: Lifestyle and Brand Curation includes 3 never-before-seen video lessons from Ginny on the topics of transitioning your business into a new market, pricing and client interaction; and marketing and branding.

I’m an established stylist. Will I learn anything new in the course?

If you are looking for a way to broaden the application of your styling skills, attract a greater range of clients, or develop more authenticity in the work you are creating, this course is for you. Process Driven Design and the Loom method are both unique approaches to styling and capturing imagery developed by Ginny Au. Using these methods, Ginny has been able to establish a point of difference in a highly-saturated wedding industry. The Loom Method is now the approach that she uses for every client she works with from couples and small business owners to large brands.

What’s the difference between Process Driven Design and Lifestyle Styling by Loom?

These courses are the perfect complement to one another. Process Driven Design is focused on Ginny Au’s approach to finding your aesthetic voice and designing and capturing weddings that are a natural and authentic reflection of a couple, rather than an over-styled Pinterest replication. Loom: Lifestyle and Brand Curation is the next step in Ginny’s progression as a designer and looks at how you can transition your wedding skills or hone your already established styling skills to curate environments beyond the world of weddings to successfully work with individuals and brands in the commercial industry.

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