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What You'll Learn

We tend to believe people either
"have it" or they don't;
you're either a good photographer
or designer—or you're not.

We often forget that so much of photography
and design are learned skills.

Composition is a skill you can learn.

Photo composition course
Overhead photo composition

It can take a lot of work to get one beautiful image. 

Even the best photographers can take hundreds to get one good one. But then how do you know which one is the best? 

The composition of a frame is always among the highest priorities.When you understand the principles of composition, you can create and edit photos, flower arrangements, paper goods, websites, interiors, graphics, anything with more confidence.

Composition may be the best tool to upgrade in your skill set.

Composition will make most images exponentially better than buying a new camera or lens.Many of the images used in the course (and on this page)were taken on camera phones.

Creative photo compositions
Flower image composition

In a recent group of florists, 10 out of 15 said,

"nearly all of our weddings for next year are from Instagram".


Florists, planners, calligraphers, rental companies, stylists, designers, caterers, bloggers, interior designers, everybody must add photography to their list of necessary competencies. 

Composition 101

Composition 101

Joy Thigpen

Composition 101 is a 300+ page digital course covering 40+ important principles of design. It is valuable for creatives of varying experience levels & applies to every avenue of visual creation.

$199 USD
$199 USD
Single Payment of
$199 USD
$199 USD
3 Monthly Payments of
$99 USD
$99 USD

Composition 101 is for creatives who want to improve their craft AND take beautiful pictures to showcase their work. With over 300 pages and 40 principles of design, Composition 1010 is valuable for creatives of varying experience levels and applies to every aspect of visual creation. Stop believing you have to be born with the skills to be a good photographer, and LEARN those skills today!