"Basic and profound at the same time. This is like a master class. It was exciting not to have to suffer through photography-related basics...you got to the meat of what I wanted to learn right away."
—Kina Wicks, photographer
"Everything I hoped to learn was covered...and more!"
—Kate Holstein, photographer
"I’m learning so much through this course! I spent all afternoon reexamining what resonates with me as beautiful and what values it conveys. So happy about what I’m learning!"
—Booth Photographics, photographer
"I took the course hoping to gain a deeper understanding of design theory and I got just that! My goal is to create beautiful weddings that photographers can capture to create a timeless piece. As many know, this industry is not founded on particular standards but rather is self made. This leaves a lot of the industry sloppy and unprofessional. I was pleased and delighted to take this course to learn what it really means to be a designer, see what photographers see, perfect my craft, and build my brand even more."
—Carly Rae Prudden, wedding planner
"Styling and photography are two sides of the same coin: what you decide to put in the frame, and what you leave out. I’m getting so much creative refreshment from Wedding Styling 101. It’s great to be thinking more deliberately about styling."
—Jasmine Pettersen, photographer
"I previously thought that design and styling knowledge was not in my line of work as a wedding photographer. The longer I have been in business, the more I have realized how important styling is to creating exceptional images. I have followed Emily and Joy for years, so when I saw Wedding Styling 101 come out, I knew it would not disappoint! After finishing the entire course, I have learned to be more purposeful about object placement and blog design, which is a business game-changer for me; I now look at things with a stylist’s eye. There is nothing else like this on the market! Wedding Styling 101 was an enjoyable read with gorgeous example images and a gold mine of information!"
—Shannon Moffit, photographer
"Do you know those few people and moments in your life you can list as being monumentally influential? There are just a couple and they change the route of your life. Emily & Joy are on that list for me. 

Working with, and learning from Emily & Joy opened my eyes to a new way of seeing things —dresses, flowers, hair, ribbon, and paper. Joy & Emily are giving all of their knowledge away in this course! They’re holding nothing back. The exercises, example photos, and content throughout the course are invaluable. And to have it all on hand to read over and over again is so convenient. 

Whether you want to start over from scratch and attract a new client, or maybe you just want to learn to see more, this opportunity is worth every single penny."
—Rylee Hitchner, photographer
"Wedding Styling 101 was an absolute game-changer for our company's approach to styling. Emily & Joy seamlessly breakdown the basics of styling in a way that truly altered the way we create our own images and review the images we receive from wedding and events. The course not only provided integral insight on how to style images with visual intention, but also how to better work alongside photographers and develop an aesthetic unique to our brand. Our dream is to walk into a photo shoot or wedding with multiple vendors who have taken this course so that everyone is on the same page. We tell ALL of our vendor friends to invest in Wedding Styling 101."
—Tart Event Co., planners and event designers
"This course gracefully fosters authenticity in its student while guiding that student toward a higher level of artistic skill. Wedding Styling 101 asks you to slow down, stop even, and focus on the nuances of your work. The subject matters, the lighting matters, the story matters, and most of all your artistic point of view…matters. The content and exercises were incredibly valuable, allowing me to deepen my understanding of my own artistic view and the teachings of the course. I find myself looking at images in an entirely new way. I feel empowered, validated, and fully confident that I can directly apply the teachings of this course into my present and future work. I will be a better artist because of Wedding Styling 101, a truer artist."
—Prairie Fair, wedding designer
"What I learned will strongly raise the bar of our portfolio."
—Jo Photo, photographers
"I can’t tell you how much of an impact the insights have made on my thought process about my business and approach to images. I realize now how much more I could be infusing my work with my own stamp instead of trying to recreate an image or give a client what I “think” they might want. I had a wedding the next day and was surprised by how many little observances, thoughts, and ideas discussed popped into my head while shooting; and what a difference I can already see in my image quality."
—Katie Nugent, photographer
"I just wanted to say Thank You for your excellent styling course! I’ve been waiting for something like this for ages and it was even better than I expected. This course helped me to understand what really is important when I create images and especially while shooting weddings. I loved that the course is so practical with real tips and how-to's. I am so inspired!"
—Petra Veikkola, photographer
"I’ve been so enjoying Wedding Styling 101. It’s packed with practical knowledge as well as a deeper appreciation of the artistry involved. I’ve already started to apply what I’ve learned to new shoots and weddings. Every single page has opened my mind. Some of it completely new to me and some of it helping me understand why I’ve settled on certain photographic decisions. Hopefully I’ll be able to get to them quicker now and with more confidence in what I’m doing."
—Paula O'Hara, photographer
"Wedding Styling 101 has been one of the best investments that I’ve ever made. It’s been incredibly informative and inspirational! I never thought an online workshop could be so beautiful. As a visual learner, I appreciated the fact that the content of the course was not only about telling you but showing you as well. I was able to put the course into practice this weekend as I was a second shooter for a wedding. I’m so grateful to have had the knowledge I gained because it truly helped me through the ebb and flow of a wedding."
—Irene Cole, photographer
"I really appreciated the part about uncovering your voice and developing your artistry. So many people don’t talk about it, so everything just gets boiled down to the technical/detailed aspects of what we shoot, instead of the fresh, raw voice behind it."
—Kelly Sauer, photographer
"Refreshing, freeing, simple, and inspiring! I gained perspective and a better understanding of what to be looking for and how to improve my images."
—Sarah Joelle, photographer
"Loving Wedding Styling 101 and how it’s given me more confidence and direction going into my first solo inspired, planned and coordinated shoot."
—Its Your Time Events, wedding planner
"Wedding Styling 101 is really helping me turn my creative instincts into a creative discipline."
—Tiffany Medrano, photographer
"Wedding Styling 101 taught me to seek out inspiration  in new ways, for example from nature, literature, art and fashion, rather than just from online sources. I've found this to be so useful and fulfilling for me as a floral designer. When I'm consulting with couples I now ask more questions about who they are and what is important to them. I'm eager to know more about other elements of the wedding style that they already have in play also. This helps to design in a way that will reflect their personal style and be cohesive with the rest of the event. Since taking the course, I definitely  feel that I am putting out better work and I also feel that my intuition is better for making good image choices for my own branding and marketing."
—Sarah's Wedding Garden, florist
"It’s easy to forget sometimes, that we are artists. Each wedding is unique, but it’s easy to start going through the motions like we’re working on an assembly line. This course awakened an urgency in me to create lasting and meaningful art, each time I pick up my camera."
—Adrian Michael, photographer
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