"I was blown away by Erich's transparency in his teaching. In this course he walks through almost every step of his business. I have attended quite a few workshops in the past but this online course is just as good as following one in real life.  Maybe it's even better since you can go back to it every single time, in your own time. What I really liked in this online course and what I think is a big plus, are the online videos, so you can see and learn how Erich shoots, approach different light situations and interact with the couple/models. You even get to see the end result of the shoots. This is so incredibly valuable. I was really inspired when finishing this course and can recommend it so much!"
—​Alexandra Vonk
"Investing in oneself and ones business is crucial to ones success. Erich's course is one of those investments for me. Destination Workshops aren't always a practical investment for photographers looking to take their business to the next level. So when Erich announced his Online Course/Workshop, I jumped at the opportunity and have no regrets! Learning about his journey, his process and nuances as a Film Photographer has not only accelerated my photography but given me a new perspective on success and the means to get there. A rich course filled with worksheets, challenges, goals, instructional videos and direct access to Erich & Amy McVey in a private online group makes this investment well worth while! I highly recommend this course to anyone looking to challenge themselves and accelerate their skills and businesses!"
—​Dennis Coronel
"Erich's course gave me the confidence and knowledge to shoot only film at my sessions. It wasn't just the content but his videos are so in depth that I felt like I could see what he was seeing when he shot. There's so much information that I'll read it again and still learn something new.  Whatever stage of photography you're in, I highly recommend Erich's course!"
—​Kristine Herman
"I have read many photography courses and books over the years and after participating in Erich's course I can confidently say that the material he is bringing to the industry from an educational standpoint is incomparable to anything that is out there currently. This course is full of refreshing, honest and direct material that any photographer can start applying to their business and craft right away. This course has everything you want from an actual workshop but don't have time to absorb or revisit. I found myself re-reading section after section and getting more from it each time. The video portion of the course was insanely informative. Erich walks through a whole session step by step to help people visually apply the material he has covered in the previous sections. At no point through the course do you feel like Erich is holding back, if anything I was pleasantly surprised by how much he was willing to share about his own business, interactions and past experiences. It's very apparent that he curated this course meticulously to make sure that everyone walked away with something beneficial to their craft and business. I can't recommend this course enough and wish that it had been around when I started my film journey."
—Kylie Martin (primarily film, 5 years shooting)
"Erich openly walks you through nearly every facet of his photography business from start to finish all the while providing encouragement for learning and insights that would take years to develop on your own. From directing couples, to pricing, to gear, to growth - he openly shares it all. I would wholeheartedly recommend this course to anyone seriously looking to take their photography and creative business skills to the next level. After attending one of his workshops, I can honestly say that the content in this course is every bit as good if not better because it is just you and him, focused on sharing knowledge and improving your skills. Erich goes the extra mile and then some in this course. It will surely leave you feeling inspired and armed with information that you need to achieve your goals."
—Brian Whitt (mostly film photographer, some digital, 3 years shooting)
"Having spent years photographing weddings, the takeaways from this course are invaluable. From tools on how to price your work, to specific lighting theory to achieve the most desirable results, this course covers brand development equally as well as it does photography techniques. Erich's honesty and humble nature shines as you work your way through case studies, videos, and real examples from his career. I have pages of notes on ways to improve parts of my business that I didn't even know needed work!"
—Christie Graham (film and digital photographer, 4 years shooting full-time)
"Erich's work speaks for itself, but going through this course took me to a whole new level of appreciation for Erich & Amy!! I loved reading about his background, and getting started in photography, real struggles and obstacles through the years, and how he has gotten to where he is now!! I couldn't put the course down, and just wanted to soak in every bit of knowledge!!! This course went through everything from business strategies, vendor relationships, shooting film, rules of photography and then also going outside those rules sometimes. Every detail of how he handles his clients, how a portrait shoot goes, what happens on the wedding day... and on and on!! So much valuable information!! The videos were fascinating, and gave me so much insight!! Thank you Erich for your transparency, and sharing your knowledge/talent/skills with us all!!"
"I am inspired by the technical advice in the course, particularly learning how to use light when shooting portraits. l look forward to practising! It is also inspiring to hear about the challenges Erich has faced and how he runs a successful business. As someone new to the creative industry, in my mind, there is often a disconnect between being creative and running a business, but this course explains well how the two work together."
—Lesley Lau (Digital Photographer, New Business OwneR)

previously attended his workshops

"The Erich McVey workshop was a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for our business! The entire experience left our hearts and heads full! From the class time, special guests, group dinners and styled shoots, we couldn’t have been happier. Above all though, we fell in love with Erich, Amy and their entire team! They are truly passionate about building up skilled and educated photographers!"
—Karrie & Field (Ace & Whim Photography)
"I couldn’t recommend Erich & Amy’s workshop more highly. I arrived in Elk having only shot two rolls of film on my new Contax and left brimming with inspiration, confidence and a plan to take my business into a gear that I didn’t think possible. Erich & Amy are amazing people, they are fun and extremely knowledgable; they have also assembled an all-star team of industry professionals that will give you a rounded perspective and a support network to really help your business grow.   The scenery in Elk is spectacular, the ranch is out of this world, the shoots are magical and the food is delicious too! Dive in!"
—Lucy Cuneo
"I can’t adequately put into words how much I LOVED Erich and Amy. The workshop was amazing from the moment I got to the welcome dinner and was greeted by the warm smiles of Amy and Erich, to the time we said good bye and Amy gave me a sweet hug. I’ve been disappointed by other workshops in the past where the presenters spent all day speaking about themselves and being boastful. The vibe was different here. Amy and Erich truly care about us and took time to speak to each of us individually. They have such grace and integrity. That in itself had a powerful impact on my life; that a photographer so successful and very much sought after could remain humble.  Throughout the workshop, I learned to appreciate the beauty of slowing down and have fully embraced film as my chosen medium to document moments. I see things differently now – light and composition are my best friends. Erich had so much business knowledge that he shared with us with no hesitation and all questions were answered with honesty. The vendors invited to the workshop also provided so much rich information. One of the best things about the workshop, aside from shooting film, was having Photovision develop and scan our images the day after we had a shoot. Not only did I learn how to shoot film, something I was terrified of, but I learned how to build a relationship with my lab. I felt full and content."
—Chatti Brown
"Stop saying you’ll do it next year….Just do it….you’ll be very happy you did!"
—Sarah Kate Barger
"I just want to let you know what a great job the two of you did. I am so impressed by how well planned, organized and insightful your workshop was. I came home completely re-inspired to shoot weddings. I even photographed my first wedding with Fuji Pro 400H yesterday… and it felt so good.I couldn’t be happier about my choice to attend. It was worth every penny. You two are an awesome team. Erich, I am so thankful for your humbleness (which can be rare for someone with your talent) and for your willingness to share your craft."
—Evynn LeValley
"The Erich McVey Workshop is an experience for photographers unlike any other.  It was complete with the most talented artists in the wedding industry working together as a team to deliver the best learning experience.  As an attendee, I was able to learn from this team of creatives all the things that helped them differentiate themselves from the rest, and apply it to my business.  The location chosen for the workshop was perfect.  It was very welcoming and comfortable which made a great setting to learn and network and was also naturally beautiful to create gorgeous images.  It is evident that Amy and Erich are devoted to delivering the absolute best workshop experience and that’s exactly what they did.  If you are considering a workshop that will provide real change in your life as a photographer, this is it.I am so grateful to have been there for the workshop.  I took so much from it."
—Mike Hansen (Brushfire Photography)
"I’ve attended some amazing workshops but none as moving, educational, and inspirational as Erich McVey’s! What I loved most was how personal he and his wife were with everyone. He wasn’t put up on a pedestal, but instead gave you the confidence that you could be sitting where he was one day. The team he put together was unforgettable as well as the other attendees and the entire experience. I would highly recommend this workshop to any photographer needing to move forward in their career. I’m so honored to have been a part of
it and I’m still swooning over my images."
—Breanna Conley
"Words cannot express how perfect Erich McVey’s workshop was and how much I truly needed it. Not only did I come away feeling extremely inspired and more confident in my shooting, the genuineness and openness of the entire team (I could not find the right word for this…staff? cool kids? artistic folks? sick vendors?) was so encouraging. In addition, walking away with a community of 24 new friends who I can ask for advice and help means the workshop never has to end!"
—Taylor Lord
"Having one on one portfolio reviews from different people in the industry was invaluable. As well as hearing different speakers. There was so much attention to details and we were spoiled with all the prettiness and amazing things we got to take home. The styled shoots were so beautiful. I met other incredible film shooters from around the U.S. There were so many things I learned and came home with a long list of things to work on. Not just a workshop…but an experience. Highly recommend it."
—Tara Francis Haney
"Attending the Erich McVey workshop was definitely the best thing I could do for my art and my business. I was blown away by how comprehensive the workshop was, which touched on all areas that are important for one’s photography business to grow and thrive. The workshop strengthened my film skills and gave me confidence to finally transition from a primarily digital to now film shooter. Erich, Amy and the other workshop contributors were an open book the entire week and I left truly feeling that they wanted me to succeed in the world of fine art photography. Did a mention it was a blast too? To sum it up, the EMV workshop was such an amazing opportunity, I would attend 100 more times if I could."
—Ashley Sawtelle
"The Erich McVey workshop exceeded any and all of my expectations. Everything was so beautiful – from the styled shoots, to the workshop materials, to the meals and personal notes that were provided. It was a whirlwind few days that forever have changed my business and artwork for the better. Thank you Erich and Amy!"
—Christie Graham
"To say this workshop was life changing is an understatement. Making the decision to attend during a transitional time for both my personal life and my business was by far the best choice I could have made. Every detail was extremely thoughtful and nothing short of exquisite.Erich and Amy’s warmth, talent and willingness to share their knowledge really set the tone for the week and made us feel very comfortable letting our guard down and taking it all in. The styled shoots were intimate and beautiful, the one-on-ones personal and helpful and the panel of experts that were carefully selected were a wealth of knowledge.I left Elk as part of a community and I cannot put into words how valuable that is. I made close friends that are a constant source of inspiration and support. I am so grateful that Erich and Amy had the vision, humbleness and heart to bring us together and create what was truly such a touching and incredible experience.In the short time since the workshop I have met so many goals that seemed so far away. I have booked amazing film weddings, been featured on great blogs and will be published in the new year. If you are looking to grow your business, be inspired or just need a push, I urge you to attend, it will be the best thing you do this year!"
—Lauren Kurc