"I’ve been struggling with my bouquet designs, something has never felt right, but after learning his design process, it finally clicked. I immediately implemented using this new technique and my bouquets have received a lot of attention ever since."
—Laura Cavanaugh, Lumme Creations
"I enrolled in Sinclair and Moore's online course and absolutely loved it. I was really worried it wouldn’t translate to the Australian market, but it did and I found the entire course so helpful and inspiring."

"Steves approach is universal. I was worried it wouldn't translate to the Australian workshop, but any one and every one can apply Sinclair & Moore's principles to their business."

"So many people in this industry are guarded with their resources, but Steve is so open and generous with his information. The principles I learned from his courses are invaluable. I would spend all that money all over again. It's exactly what I needed."
—​Steph, Wallflower Studio
"Steve’s bouquet mechanics were different than anyone else's I've learned from - it transformed the way I thought through designing bouquets."
—​EMILY KENNEDY, K Occasions
"I’ve been able to grow our business and have expanded our team this summer to include more designers."
—Flowers by Janie
"I offered event planning, coordination and event design and adding floral services felt like the missing piece. After learning from Steve, I am really excited and ready to take the leap into adding florals to my business."
—Alyssa, Elle and James Co.
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