I’m brand new to planning, styling, event design, or floral design. Will this course be too advanced for me?

Definitely not! You’re exactly who this course is designed for! Steve and Jamie of Sinclair and Moore have been running a wedding planning and design business for 16 years, and are now some of the most successful, profitable vendors in the industry. In this course, they share everything they’ve learned about business and design to help you and your business thrive from day 1.

I’ve attended one of Steve’s workshop and/or already bought A New Approach to Weddings. Will I learn anything new?

Steve and Jamie share more in these courses than they’ve ever shared before. We’ve taken the outline of Sinclair and Moore’s in-person workshops and then taken an even deeper dive into this content. While workshops give you the opportunity to execute a Sinclair & Moore tablescape or wedding, Mastering Event Design by Sinclair & Moore steps you right back to the beginning of the process. You get to watch Steve progress from initial inspiration, through how and why he makes each of his design and sourcing decisions, and finally the steps he takes in executing his unique visions.

I’m an established stylist, wedding planner, event designer, or florist. Will I learn anything new in the course?

If you’ve ever been stuck in a creative rut, struggled to understand or interpret a client’s vision in a unique way, or been frustrated with inefficient or unprofitable processes within your business, then you will glean valuable lessons from this course. Jamie and Steve have taken their 16+ years of business and design experience to distill for you the strategies that have brought them the most success to date.

What’s the difference between Event Design and Behind the Business?

Behind the Business focuses on the aspects of making a wedding business functional, profitable, and ultimately successful. Jamie and Steve share lessons on topics such as branding and marketing, pricing, client inquiry and booking and the phases of planning a wedding. Mastering Event Design focuses on the creative side of the business. You’ll learn how you can move your clients through an effective creative process that ensures you continue to create designs that are both deeply-personal and ahead of trend. You’ll learn key design principles around topics such as color, pattern and texture, watch tutorials on everything from floral design to tablescape execution, and understand how and why Steve makes every decision required to bring a wedding vision to life.


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