Design Course
"I've long been a fan of Sarah Winward, so seeing her work was an inspiring process. Most exciting, though, is seeing patterns in how she works that I never saw before. I'll be able to integrate these into my work, allowing me to create on a different level than I have in the past."
—Lauren Wiebe, Stonehouse WEDDINGS
"I think there’s always an inherent “I’m not sure if I’m doing this right” feeling about being a floral designer, but this course covered so much ground and in such great detail that it felt very confirming, even enlightening, giving me confidence to keep moving forward. It also provided me with so many practical tools and lessons that I can't wait to use in my design! Sarah's background gives her the ability to describe and explain floral design in a beautiful, tangible way, unlike any other designer I've had the opportunity to learn from. It was a joy to work through. Anyone looking to hone their floral craft should treat themselves to this experience."
—Mary Eddy, Vine and Branch Floral
"I really enjoyed this course by Sarah Winward. Sarah was generous and honest with sharing her approach to floral design. The combination of written lessons combined with video tutorials and photo examples really cemented the principals she shared. The course takes you through a variety of floral components that a designer would be faced with when working on a wedding. From boutonnieres to large installations, Sarah offers direction and tips on how to successfully approach and execute these components. This course was particularly helpful to me as workshops are not as popular or often available where I love. When flying overseas to attend one of these amazing workshops is not an option, having access to one of "the greats" was truly a gift. What resonated with me the most was Sarah's joy in letting the flowers act as they would in nature. She encourages the designer to do the same while applying her principles of design that she shares in every chapter. If you can't attend one of Sarah's workshops in person, this course would be the next best thing."

"As a fairly new floral designer I often work alone and always wonder “Am I doing this right? Is this how everyone else makes bouquets and arrangements?” Sarah’s course confirmed that I’m working in the direction I want to be going and it gave me more confidence in what I do."
—Cara Fitch, Trille Floral
"I have been a floral designer for over 10 years and am fairly confident in my skills as a professionally-trained designer. However, I have worked very hard to master the natural/garden style design that I love and that is also very popular. I have experienced a lot of frustration and a huge learning curve in trying to add more movement to my work while still maintaining a desired shape. I couldn't quite identify what some of those blind spot were until I took this course. I can see errors now in my approach to building an arrangement or bouquet. I can see how I could use color and layering to create truly dynamic and unique arrangements that look effortless. I highly recommend this course to anyone who loves flowers and wants to learn better techniques to create natural-styled arrangements, whether recreationally or professionally."

"It was a privilege and an honor to review this course. Sarah is hands down my favorite and most respected designer and I am deeply inspired by her humility, authenticity and talent. Her work has made me a better designer and has challenged me to reevaluate my approach to floral design. I am so grateful that she will have a new platform to reach many more flower lovers of all kinds!"
—Amy Balsters, Amy Nicole Floral
"I thought this course was very well-written. The wording is beautiful and eloquent, and you can tell that Sarah really put her heart into it. I think the transitions from chapters were really smooth, and it taught each concept well. The videos were awesome, and I didn't even feel like it was online. A really great course."
—Kaylee Young, Flourish By Kay
"I have had the pleasure of meeting Sarah and seeing her in action and this course is truly her sharing her passion, experience and insight into her floral design approach. I found every section to be relevant and beneficial. Topics were beautifully broken down with such ease and understanding. Learning about Sarah’s philosophy and approach to design has made me contemplate my own style and how I can better communicate it to my clients. The course also covered far more relevant floral design information than workshops I have taken in the past. This course reinforced the idea that there is strength in restraint and beauty in simplicity."
—Tina Riddell, Living Fresh
Business Course
"Sarah's honest, candid approach and willingness to discuss how she budgets, quotes client events, prepares visual proposals, and pays herself is particularly refreshing in a world of floral workshops, one-on-ones, and courses. Nowhere have I been able to find this information from such a well-respected designer."
—Lauren Wiebe, Stonehouse Flowers
"Reading through Sarah’s learning process and the evolution of her business and pricing structure really encourages me to be bold and price correctly. There are so many goals, besides making a higher percentage profit, that can be met if you charge enough for your craft. Sarah’s explanation of how she went about this was so encouraging. I’m confident I can implement her tips into my business." 

"The case study included in this course was also so thorough and step-by-step that I felt like I was a part of the process in real life! It helped solidify the learning as it provided a real example or what it really takes to plan and execute wedding florals."
—Mary Eddy, Vine and Branch Floral
"When it comes to designing there’s the chance you can practice, practice, practice until you get it right. But no one ever talks about the business side of this industry. Sarah is extremely transparent with this in The Nature of Wedding Floral Design: For Professionals. She is very open with sharing lessons she has learned over the years and how she quotes for her events. I felt like I had an insider pass to the brain of Sarah Winward! It has given me more direction with my business logistically. Hearing her story of growth from the beginning to where she is now was a great inspiration."
—Cara Fitch, Trille Floral
"This additional course was an excellent review of the business side to running a wedding/event floral studio. I appreciated hearing Sarah’s mistakes and the learning curves, and I feel a lot more confident to have particular conversations with clients. I am now really inspired to charge correctly!"
—Amy Balsters, Amy Nicole Floral
"This business course is invaluable! It covers many, if not all, of the issues that we all encounter in this industry. This is my first year doing destination events so I particularly loved the detailed advice I was able to learn from Sarah’s case studies."
"I felt honored to review Sarah's course and found it to be extremely relevant to all those in the floral design field. It covers such an extensive range of information and there is much to be gained whether you are a beginner or a seasoned professional. Sarah's tips and shared experiences are sure to save many designers time and money. I appreciated her openness and how forthright she was in discussing each topic. As someone who feels confident in her work and own designer's skin, there is still so much to learn from the wealth of knowledge that Sarah has shared in this course.

Sarah's take on the seasons and her surroundings really resonated with me. The way that she interprets the landscape into each arrangement through color, form, and texture was truly inspiring. I loved that forests, mountains, valleys, rivers, and clouds all play a part in Sarah's designs and her philosophy. It was such an interesting perspective and one that will stick with me. 

I found the business portion to be extremely beneficial at this point in my career. I'm often struggling with the issues that Sarah has addressed. The course covers a wide array of topics such as pricing, estimates, labor costs, client relations, and contracts.  She was extremely transparent with her business model and overall wedding process. For me, this was an invaluable take away. I also enjoyed the added destination case study. As I'm beginning to take on more destination work, I found Sarah's tips and tricks to be immensely helpful.

To anyone looking to grow, gain a fresh perspective, get inspired, better manage their business, or improve their craft, I'd say that this course is worth every penny and more!"
—Kelly Leynard, intertwine
Former Students of Sarah's
"I was lucky enough to spend several days with Sarah in the UK in 2015, she is so utterly inspirational in everything she does. She is a truly beautiful human being inside and out, as well as being an incredible florist with no airs and graces at all. She unlocked my 'lightbulb moment' and gave me the confidence to just go for what I had been deliberating over for months, if not years, prior. It was a real honour and privilege to meet and learn from her and hope to do so again sometime."
—Fiona Pickles, Firenza
"My time with Sarah was invaluable. Truly. Not only did I walk away from my time with her with more excitement for and knowledge in designing, but I felt more confident in my abilities. Sarah is a natural teacher and is so willing to share everything she has learned in her several years of industry experience. Her talent is beyond compare and her eye for colors, textures and shapes is unparalleled; I felt like there was so much valuable information to soak up every time she spoke! I left my time with her feeling confident in following my heart and thinking outside the box. Sarah’s effortless style translates so well into her classes. Her calming demeanor and willingness to share breathed new life into my own design work and I am forever grateful."
—Ashley Swapp, Park Floral Design
"It's hard for me to put into words what learning from Sarah did for me. I left feeling excited, encouraged and most of all motivated. It's like she lit a fire under me. I felt as though my eyes were opened to the reason for all of this; that it's a beautifully simple way, of thoughtfully representing the natural environment and capturing the emotion of something worth marking in our lives. Sarah's heart is evident in every gorgeous piece she does and it extends into her teachings. The feeling is still with me, months later, it is a bright time in my life I will carry with me. She was an absolutely lovely and generous teacher and the experience I consider invaluable."
—Lauren Sellen,  Coyote Flowers