I’ve already purchased Sarah Winward’s Course “The Nature of Wedding Floral Design.” What’s the difference?

No two artists are the same. While there will be some similar ground covered in The Fine Art of Floral Design, Adam and Alicia’s approach to flowers is unique to their experience and creative perspective. Their fine arts education gives their work an original flavor, and is unlike anything we at If I Made have explored with any other florist. In addition to their fine arts background, their specialties (like installation mechanics, the logistics of running a design team, and recipe writing) are especially new topics we’ve covered in this course, and are well worth the investment.

Plus, we had testers read Adam and Alicia’s course who were also students of Sarah’s course. Here’s what one of them had to say: “I also read Sarah Winward’s The Nature of Wedding Floral Design (which was fantastic) and found Bows and Arrows’ course to be a completely different and rewarding experience. Adam and Alicia are really relatable and give great examples and explanations throughout the course. The content is incredibly in-depth and makes the financial investment absolutely worth it - I took so much new knowledge away from this course. Becky De Oliveira, Blush and Bloom, Toronto, Canada. 16+ years as a floral designer, 4 years as business owner

‘I’m just getting started’ or ‘I’m an experienced florist’. How do I know if this course is right for me?

Good question. Because Adam and Alicia come from such a rich background in painting and sculpture, we’re confident that their perspective has something new to offer everyone—no matter how long you’ve been at it. It’s like reading one of your favorite books. When you read it as an 18 year old and then again when you’re 32, you learn new things you didn’t notice before. While creating this course, we kept all of you in mind. This content is accessible to the newbies, and it’s also rich with insight for those of you who have the basics down-pat. We’re all students here, so whether you’re simply toying with the idea of a floral business or are neck-deep in it, Adam and Alicia have a lot to offer.

I’ve been to one of Bows and Arrows’ workshops before. Would I learn anything new from this course?

Simply put: Yes! This course covers everything Alicia and Adam have learned about designing and running a floral business...Only this time it’s written out for you to have and to hold forever, and demonstrated with gorgeous videos, photos, and thorough event case studies. It’s likely that your workshop with Bows + Arrows was a hands-on design experience, which is awesome! This course contains a lot of those lessons, but it takes a much deeper dive into the elements and principles of fine art which inform the design decisions Adam and Alicia make. It’s the why behind the how, which ultimately empowers you to create more original designs. Less mimicking, more understanding.

Plus, there’s The Business Course which gives you access to in-depth details on their inside operations such as recipe writing, pricing, staffing, workflow, logistics, social media, and brand development. You wouldn’t get that at a workshop. Unless you asked. Which might be awkward.

I don’t work professionally as a florist but I really enjoy making arrangements and would love to learn more about floral design. Would this course be suitable for me?

Absolutely! This course is filled with practical knowledge that will help you improve your floral skills regardless of your level of experience. You will learn lots of practical tips about flower care, vase preparation, and choosing blooms for arrangements, and you’ll read and see demonstrations of designs in a variety of different sizes and styles.

What sort of results can I expect?

This, of course, depends on where you’re at in your creative journey and the current state of your business. It also depends entirely on what you do with the knowledge. If you apply Alicia and Adam’s teachings to your design process or floral business, we know it has the potential to transform your work and business.

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