"Pricing For Creatives by Shanna Skidmore has helped me take a closer look at my pricing and processes to realize what needs to be done in order to get exactly where I want to be with my margins and goals. I feel so much more confident sending out quotes knowing that there is strategy and intention behind each number on the page. Highly recommend!"
—Steph Biglow / @stephanieb_design
"I’ve loved going through Pricing for Creatives by Shanna Skidmore because it's teaching me not only to value myself but to really look at my business, my creative margin, and my lifestyle in a whole new light. If you're a creative and struggle with how to price your products or services, I highly recommend investing in this course over and over again!"
—Kelli Kroneberger / Photographer & Painter / @Kellikroneberger
"Love love LOVE the Pricing For Creatives course! What a mind shift = margin! The missing puzzle piece! Thank you SO much for putting this course together."
—Rose Murphy / rose@roseandruby.com
"Shanna, I bought your course and have been enjoying it so far in the nap times of my little ones! I can't wait to work through the whole thing in depth. Thank you for doing this and sharing your gifts with others. Petal and Print has certainly been in all those places your course describes. I'm so excited to put your practices in pricing into effect in my business. Thank you so much!"
—Katie McDonough Kutil / PETAL AND PRINT
"Shanna has such a lovely approach to something that can feel incredibly overwhelming and the way the work is laid out feels incredibly do-able."
—Katie Nugent
"I feel like today I had a huge "I quit" moment, and the universe sent one of those funny little signs saying NO...resources are out there to help you! I signed up for the Pricing for Creatives course and so excited to begin."
—Megan Ibarra / megan@littleyellowleaf.com
"The thought of budgeting and planning was extremely overwhelming to me. But then I started using the lessons I learned from Shanna. Within a year we were making a profit and the business had drastically changed. Since then I’ve been able to buy a house, I have a studio, a consistent income and 3 amazing employees."
—Amy Osaba, Floral Designer
"After learning Shanna's principles, I love that I can dream big about what I want and I have the financial freedom to take active steps towards them now. I wish a course like this had been available to me before I reached my breaking point."
—Kaitie Bryant, Photographer
"Applying Shanna's teachings opened my business up in ways I could have never imagined. I was able to look at my company in a whole new way that enabled me to know when it made sense to take risks and when it did not."
—Teissia Treynet, Firefly Events + Planning
"Shanna's teaching has transformed my business. It's given me the profitability and the freedom to take more risks and explore more product opportunities. I love that I can be fearless. I can dream."
—Britt Bass, Abstract Painter
"It's amazing what little change I had to make to drastically improve my quality of life after incorporating Shanna's teachings into my business."
—Ashley Buzzy, Calligrapher
"In an industry where you really have to be good at both the creative AND administrative to thrive, it is super easy to feel both overwhelmed and exhausted. Shanna thoughtfully & interactively guides you through the world of pricing definitions and financial terms, all the while empowering you to take control of your business and your life. We are done living in fear of the numbers - Pricing For Creatives was absolutely a lightbulb for us as a business & we can't wait to see what it helps us grow into!"
—Tart Event Co, Event Planners + Designers
"Shanna has been such an asset to my business. Being a business owner means wearing numerous hats, and that can be quite overwhelming sometimes! I struggled managing my time between design, social media, and administrative tasks, and just plain being creative. Shanna taught me concrete action items that have helped me lay out a plan for my business to thrive in all of these areas!"
—Dondrea Owens, Jenkins Rose Paper Company
"I can't wait to recommend Pricing For Creatives! I think it is essential for all business owners to learn or even review their pricing models to create a strong foundation."

"The most helpful part of Pricing For Creatives was the tangible numbers in the equations and the level that Shanna explained in the material. As a non-numbers person, I didn't think it was over my head at all. I also felt like the explanation of emotional pricing was a lightbulb."
—Eileen Schaeffer, Illustrator
"The concrete examples given in Pricing For Creatives were so solid. The scenes were so relatable. The questions and actions steps were really challenging. I feel like I have all the tools to successfully make these changes in my business. Everything is here."
—Katie Gibbs, Photographer
"One thing that I learned from Shanna's teachings is to value my skill and time. Through this, I have been able to more effectively price my service, maintain a better work/life balance, and in the end, make more of a profit."
—Claudia Mejerle Rogers, Makeup Artist
"Now I have a better grasp on the finances of my business, and it has given me confidence and peace of mind so that I can spend my time creating and growing my business. The wisdom Shanna imparted was not anything I could have ever learned from a book or in school. She has truly transformed the way I think about my business, and I look toward the future now with excitement rather than dread and fear."
—Angie Webb, Photographer + Graphic Designer
"Where do I begin?! Shanna is a gift. A gift to all creative entrepreneurs. Rarely do you find someone who has a knack for all things business and is equally savvy in creative endeavors. She blends the two worlds flawlessly and it is a joy to be around! Just as I was feeling overwhelmed and unbalanced, I discovered Shanna. She looked at my business from all angles and gave some of the best advice I've ever received. She will be your best investment."
—Ann Evans, Cypress Floral Design
"Learning Shanna’s principles not only guided me to be able to pay a salary to myself, but it gave me a deeper purpose for earning that paycheck."
—Rachel May Clarke, Photographer
"The most helpful thing about this course was understanding what a well-run creative business looks like; Shanna helped me see how these "business-y" concepts fit into my world. Not only that, but that they are essential to my survival as a creative professional."
—Tara Spencer, Calligrapher
"The one thing I can't thank Shanna enough for is helping me layout what my talents and time are worth. Being a part of the Creative Class I think this is the hardest thing about our careers. We love our jobs so much, getting compensated fairly is the last thing we think about."
—Jamie Krywicki Wilson, Interior Designer
"I have truly taken the time to get my financials in order, projected costs each month, apply charts and know where my money is coming from, how much of it I am making and definitely what I am spending it on. Sounds really basic but I truly believe this is the most difficult part of a creative business where the final product is not a typical commodity."
—Eatherley Schultz, Floressence Flowers
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