We’re pumped you’re joining us for a live webinar!

Here are a few things to know to make sure your learning experience is as seamless as possible:
  1. We host our webinars using WebinarJam or Go to Training.
  2. Please check your internet speed (click right here to go to SpeedTest.) Suggested internet speed is 15-20 mbps download speed.
  3. Exit out of any other browsers you may have open, close all tabs, and shut down any other programs you may have open on your computer.
  4. Do not stream on any other devices (we know you like to binge watch Stranger Things while learning, but this will definitely disrupt your viewing experience). This includes Spotify, Netflix, cable run through the phone line or wireless cable.
  5. If your internet is slow during the class, no worries! We’ll send you a high quality video within a week of the live class.
To troubleshoot during a webinar:
  1. Is your video or sound quality off? Try closing the browser and restarting your computer. Use the same link you joined with the first time!
  2. Double check no one else is using the same internet network.
  3. Don’t fret. We’ll send you a replay video within a week of the class.