"On the branding side, I loved learning about passion branding and how incorporating human elements into product/brand shoots really allows consumers to connect with the products.  This makes such perfect sense to me, but I had never thought about it before.  So many of my own purchasing decisions are made based on friends' experiences with products, so learning about this tool was really powerful.

I have become much more intentional about all of my choices since Loom.  I now take the time to step back and think about each element of a design when I think I am done, and then to go back and deconstruct and make things less perfect.  This has given my work a more familiar, comfortable feel to it and I think people are connecting to that better overall.

I love thinking about the stories my couples share with me and coming up with a way to have those be reflected in the styling.  I learned to meet people where they are and really listen and pay attention to non-verbal cues.  Thanks again for everything, Ginny!  I left my time with you so inspired to implement what I learned into my work.  You're a visionary, and I am so grateful that you're sharing your insights and experiences!"
—Amy of Gather Design Company
"I've already started making changes to my business and offerings. One of the biggest changes is aligning my goals with my heart, and really putting the work out there that is meaningful to me, and not playing it safe. I'm in the middle of a pivot in my career and experiencing LOOM illuminated my path so clearly. I'll be changing my family shoots to reflect the LOOM experience and am working on connecting with brands telling stories.

So many moments were life changing during my beautiful LOOM experience. I remember Ginny saying you can be shy (insecure?) in your life, but you can't be shy with your business. That was like a shot straight to my heart, because I have been holding back in my business. But the most significant takeaway is that I can create an experience for clients that is authentic and meaningful and documents them in a way that truly captures the beauty of their connection and home. That's the reason I started shooting so many years ago, and it lit a fire in me that I can truly create work that is meaningful to me and meaningful to the story of my client and the history of their family, brand, etc.

After LOOM I'm most excited about feeling personally connected to my work. I'm a passionate person, and have been holding back a little out of fear. LOOM gave me the confidence to dive deep into my processes and connect more authentically to my clients, and myself."
—Lindsey of Lindsey Stewart PhotoGRAPHY
"First and foremost, I want to tell you THANK YOU from the deepest and most tender part of my heart. Thank you for making me feel safe in a creative space and to let me BE and discover my path to where I want to go.

What has change? ME. I had the opportunity to attend Loom last week and although it hasn’t been that long since then, I can tell you with a firm belief that Loom changed completely the way I see not only my business but my life as a creative. My main highlight is the way I approach my session, before, during and after. Being able to take take time to know the people I am photographing not only by what they tell me with their voice but rather understanding the way they communicate with their body.

I am beyond ecstatic to continue the journey to photograph more authentic, pure, honest, vulnerable images. I am thrilled to be able to start the search of what connects all of my imagery and to communicate that through my branding in a consistent way.

Another thing I am implementing is my approach to photographing stories, to always tell not only the literal in front of my camera but the way it felt, the way textures were together,  the way my couples exists within the same space."
—​Maria of Photos By Corona
"I've heard Ginny speak about the Loom method a few times before, and something about it just resonated deep in my heart. The workshop is absolutely invaluable. Being able to put the Loom method into practice right then and there is a game-changer, and I'm in love with the photos I took. For the first time, I feel like my work is right where I want it to be, and I'm now mentally and technically prepared to keep up that momentum!

Thank you again, Ginny. This experience was amazing — I truly don't have adequate words to express how it's changed me and my business/artistic mindset. If you ever have anything that I can help with, I'd be absolutely thrilled."
—Kat of Kathryn Bruns Photography
"Loom was amazing! It was different, and just what I needed right now in my life and career. I'm doing mostly commercial photography right now, and this couldn't have come at a better time. My thought process has changed. Instead of just firing, I'm listening to my intuition and connecting with people I'm taking pictures of. I've had moments like that before, but I was always afraid that if the shutter wasn't going off, I wasn't doing my job. Loom really gave me the confidence and structure to shoot in a way that feels authentic. I'm so excited to make it about people and relationships. Slowing down. I really do feel more like an artist and creator that way. I was an artist before I was a photographer, and the Loom way brings it all back to that. I think it's about thinking and feeling and letting the mood and situation affect you and how you shoot."
—Isabel of Isabel Johansen Photography
"Working with Ginny has changed the way I approach photography at a fundamental level, & for that, I'll be forever grateful. The artistic enthusiasm, vision, & commitment she brings to every endeavor causes anyone lucky enough to collaborate with her to feel inspired & uplifted. With her unique perspective of the world & her passion for everything she touches, Ginny pushes the boundaries of what is possible in the wedding industry & beyond."
"Working with Ginny has changed the way I approach photography at a fundamental level, & for that, I'll be forever grateful. The artistic enthusiasm, vision, & commitment she brings to every endeavor causes anyone lucky enough to collab"From the first paragraph, this course has completely changed the way I think about design, styling, & even photography. I am inspired to think beyond the final product & focus on the process of capturing a shoot or wedding day for my clients. Everyone should read this course & soak in as much knowledge from Ginny as possible. She is so transparent about her thought & design process—it feels like you are sitting across from Ginny, picking her brain."
"Working through this course has helped me understand where to start vs. where not to start. Conceptualizing that unique designs don't come from already completed & produced work has opened my mind to so many more possibilities for my work & my clients. In just a few days since reading through the course, I've been able to produce one of my best client proposals—it is so much more interesting, captivating, & inspiring than what the client came to me with originally, & this all comes down to the simple idea that we should each be driven by a creative process rather than what our brides show us on Pinterest."
"This course is like an intimate chat with Ginny that moves through her creative process stepwise—all the notes have been taken for you. Ginny's discussion on her Process Driven theory has made a significant impact on how I will approach photoshoots & weddings. Her genuine compassion for her clients shines through as she creates meaningful environments for them to celebrate their wedding day. Best of all, she goes through her process step-by-step (for both photo shoots and weddings), leaving me without any questions & a significant comprehension of her styling process. I would highly recommend this course to anyone looking to better understand styling, or anyone that is looking to make more intentional & meaningful images for their clients."
"Ginny's insight into her creative process is the closest thing you can get to a graduate degree in wedding styling. From her practical advice on design to her methodical styling approach, this course is full of invaluable information that we cannot wait to implement. Artfully constructed & easy to understand, Ginny tells & shows you how to tap into your personal creativity while telling your client's story."
“In several years of working in this industry, I have never worked with someone with such a pulse on the feelings an image can evoke. Ginny has an amazing way of seeing things that bring great emotion before they even occur. I love her passion for seeing authenticity within the work we do & her desire to execute a beautiful vision.”
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