“No matter where you are in your art, there is so much room to grow as an artist. This course is filled with beautifully complex yet practical information. There is so much you can continue to build on and learn from composition, whether you are a seasoned professional or just starting. The content in this course started off strong, and just got stronger and stronger."
—Katie Gibbs, photographer
“The mix of everyday images with fine art in this course allowed me to step back and look at my own art more intentionally; seeing things from a more intentional standpoint rather than by chance. This course changed the way I approach any image for Instagram. It made me want to apply design principles to my photography in my own way. By knowing these photography rules I can follow them however I want.”
—Mary Verett, photographer
"Composition 101 is a plethora of valuable information, explaining classic composition guidelines coupled with newer concepts relevant to the constantly evolving photography market. It is the perfect supplement to any photographer looking to brush up on composition theory or explore new ideas through their work."
—Kristen Victoria, photographer
“Often when looking through a viewfinder in a camera something will feel right or wrong, but you don’t know why that is. This course explained it to me and gave me words as to why I like certain things and not others. I feel like I’ll be more conscious in my shooting as a result of this course.”
—Lauren Balingit, photographer
"I've been decorating homes for clients for decades but with no real training It was so amazing to learn the words for things my gut has known all along. I feel much more confident in my choices now and more comfortable explaining my ideas to clients."
—Jody Hoffman, interior decorator
"We are in the middle of launching a new coffee brand, and I know we need to tell a story with every photo, every message, every point of contact for our customers. I'm looking forward to working through Composition 101 because I know it will give me the theoretical and practical framework to use as a "lens" when choosing my image content. I wouldn't want to launch a brand without having that basic framework in place."
—Marla Saunders, entrepreneur
“I am half way through the course now, and it is absolutely brilliant. I know you put so much of yourselves into this, and I know my work will be better because of the love you put into this project."
—Lauren Kinsey, photographer
“It was such an honor to have been able to contribute image content for @composition101. This and a few more of my images are only a few of the absolutely stunning images included, and are accompanied by amazingly rich details surrounding the art and science of composition. I highly recommend the course!"
—Jake Anderson Photography, photographer
“I can't stress enough how valuable a resource this is to anyone starting out and wanting to take their photography to the next level."
—Adrian Michael, photographer
Compostion 101
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