Education to help your photography thrive.

Check out the chapter below (straight from his course) to learn about the tools and techniques Erich uses to create his stunning images.

Education to help your photography thrive.

Wedding Photography with Erich McVey Combo:
The Craft + Business Course


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You'll Learn How To

  • Gain more inquiries + convert to bookings
  • Grow your business in a saturated market
  • Make a successful transition to film photography
  • Attract destination wedding clients
  • Price your packages to maximize profit
— 01 —
"I was blown away by Erich's transparency in his teaching. In this course he walks through almost every step of his business."

I have attended quite a few workshops in the past but this online course is just as good as following one in real life.  Maybe it's even better since you can go back to it every single time, in your own time. What I really liked in this online course and what I think is a big plus, are the online videos, so you can see and learn how Erich shoots, approach different light situations and interact with the couple/models. You even get to see the end result of the shoots. This is so incredibly valuable.

— ​Alexandra Vonk
— 02 —
"I highly recommend this course to anyone looking to challenge themselves and accelerate their skills and businesses!"

Investing in oneself and ones business is crucial to ones success. So when Erich announced his Online Course/Workshop, I jumped at the opportunity and have no regrets! Learning about his journey, his process and nuances as a Film Photographer has not only accelerated my photography but given me a new perspective on success and the means to get there.

— Dennis Coronel
— 03 —
"Erich's course gave me the confidence and knowledge to shoot only film at my sessions."

It wasn't just the content but his videos are so in depth that I felt like I could see what he was seeing when he shot. There's so much information that I'll read it again and still learn something new.  Whatever stage of photography you're in, I highly recommend Erich's course!

— Kristine Herman
— 04 —
"I can confidently say the material Erich is bringing to the industry is incomparable to anything out there currently."

I have read many photography courses and books over the years and after participating in this course I can confidently say the material Erich is bringing to the industry is incomparable to anything out there currently. It has everything you want from an actual workshop but don't have time to absorb.

— 05 —
"Erich goes the extra mile and then some in this course."

"After attending one of his workshops, I can honestly say that the content in this course is every bit as good if not better because it is just you and him, focused on sharing knowledge and improving your skills. Erich goes the extra mile and then some in this course."

— 06—
"The takeaways from this course are invaluable."

Having spent years photographing weddings, the takeaways from this course are invaluable. From how to price your work, to specific lighting theory, brand development equally, and photography techniques, I have pages of notes on ways to improve parts of my business that I didn't even know needed work!


Ok, I’d really love this course!

what will i get?

Payment plans available.
Wedding Photography with Erich McVey:
The Craft + Business Course Combo
750 + page PDF
16 printable worksheets
3 videos of Erich shooting
Access to an exclusive Facebook group with Erich
Payment plans available.
Wedding Photography with Erich McVey:
The Craft Course
500+ page PDF
5 printable worksheets
3 videos of Erich shooting
Payment plans available.
Wedding Photography with Erich McVey:
The Business Course
370+ page PDF
11 Printable Worksheets

What You'll Save

Erich is no longer offering any in-person workshops.

But, luckily for you, this course shares more information than his 3-day workshop.

We make it easy.

Wedding Photography with Erich McVey Combo:
The Craft + Business Course
750+ Page PDF
3 Videos of Erich Shooting
16 Printable Worksheets
Single  Payment  of
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You can also purchase each course individually

How do I know which course is best for me?

We recommend The Craft + Business Combo for a thorough overview of how Erich has established himself as a sought-after wedding photographer. If you prefer to focus on the technical aspects of how Erich shoots, including discussions on equipment, the creative process, approach to covering a wedding day, and post-production workflow; you might find The Craft course is the best fit for you. If you feel confident in your photography but are looking for advice on strengthening your brand, attracting higher-budget clients, restructuring your pricing packages, and standing out in a saturated market; The Business course will set you on the right track.

Is this course is right for me?

The principles Erich uses to shape his success apply to everyone, whether you’re just starting out or looking to revamp and evolve your already-established work. This course is designed for three different kinds of photographers. 

  1. Those who are just getting started with shooting weddings and are looking to learn and grow quickly.
  2. Photographers who have recently begun shooting film and want to avoid painful and expensive mistakes.
  3. Seasoned film and digital shooters who want to revamp their business and reinvigorate their love of photography and art.
I've been to one of Erich's workshops before. Would I learn anything new from this course?

Yes, absolutely. This course takes a personal journey through Erich’s teaching methods and experience. The combination of written text, video, photo, and worksheets will help you explore the concepts taught in his workshops at a much deeper level. Read testimonials from other past workshop attendees who've seen tremendous value in this course even after attending Erich's workshop.

I don't work professionally but I really enjoy taking photos and would love to learn more. Would this course be suitable for me?

This course is specifically designed for people interested in wedding photography and growing a photography business. While many of Erich’s teaching methods would apply to all photographers regardless of their industry, there are large portions of the course focused on how to run and grow a photography business. An interest in working as a professional photographer is important.

What sort of results can I expect?

This depends on where you’re at in your creative journey and the current state of your business. It also depends on what you do with the knowledge. If you apply Erich’s teachings to your photography and business, we know it has the potential to transform the way you shoot, expand your knowledge of lighting techniques and film, and elevate your portfolio to attract the clients you want. It also has the potential to drastically improve your ability to grow your business in local and destination markets, price your services for success, and find joy and fulfillment in your career.