Learn How To

The Nature of Wedding Floral Design

Apply design principles inspired by nature

Create floral designs with unique color palettes

Add movement to your bouquets and centerpieces

Attract your ideal client

Implement technique tips and tricks

Enhance your processing and care of flowers

Build large-scale arrangements and installations

Design florals for a wedding from beginning to end

Learn How To

Business course: Learn How Sarah...

Writes her quotes and design proposals

Grew her business to become a successful destination wedding florist

Protects herself in her floral contracts

Prices her typical wedding designs

Correctly charges for labor, setup, tear down and delivery

Manages staffing and logistics for large weddings

Orders flowers for large events

Overcame her biggest business challenges


The Nature of Wedding Floral Design

Chapter 1: Beginnings

Meet Sarah Winward and learn the story of how she got her start in flowers. Hear how Sarah grew her hobby into a successful floral business, and what a work-life balance looks like for her.  

Chapter 2: Flower Philosophy

Learn Sarah’s creative process and the concepts she uses to design her signature arrangements. Discover how she draws inspiration from the natural environment, and how floral variety, shape, color and movement are an essential part of her flower philosophy.

Chapter 3: Centerpieces

Read a detailed discussion of how to create a variety of centerpieces from beginning to end. Watch a 45-minute video demonstration on designing a wedding centerpiece, and learn the back-story and intricate details behind 18 of Sarah’s iconic arrangements.

Chapter 4: Bouquets

Read a step-by-step approach to wedding bouquet design from bloom selection through to ribbon finishings. Watch a 45-minute video demonstration on creating a signature bridal bouquet. Look at 12 of Sarah’s previously-designed bouquets and learn how they display the concepts and techniques taught in the course.

Chapter 5: Large Arrangements

Learn a step-by-step process for designing and building large arrangements, from vase selection and preparation to execution. Watch a 30-minute video demonstration of these steps in action through the creations of a feature ceremony arrangement. Take a look at 12 of Sarah’s previously-designed large arrangements and learn their back story, including floral recipes, technique tips and design details.

Chapter 6: Installations

Explore the process for designing and building common wedding ceremony installations such as arches and chuppahs, aisle arrangements and garlands. Read a step-by-step approach for designing a floral arch and a wall-mounted garland, followed by a 40-minute video demonstration. Take a look at 6 iconic installations created by Sarah and learn the tools, mechanics, materials and challenges involved in their execution.

Case Studies

Follow along as Sarah shares a detailed look at the floral design of two complete weddings. Hear about the initial client consultation and inspiration, planning and preparation, design, execution and breakdown, as well as some of the challenges faced along the way - and their solutions.

BONUS Content

Tool Kit:
The must-have items in your tool kit for
wedding design and installation.

Personal Flowers:
A video demonstration and breakdown of
boutonnieres and other small florals.

Flower Care:
Processing and conditioning tips for a
range of common wedding florals.

Join Sarah for a webinar for the opportunity to
have any of your unanswered design
questions addressed.

The Nature of Wedding Floral Design: For Professionals | An inside look at running a floral business

Business Talk

Take an insider look at how Sarah grew her business from her garage to become a renowned destination event floral brand. Learn how to attract your ideal clients, grow your average client budget, price your services adequately, prepare estimates and proposals for clients, plan for and staff large events, and much more.

Case Study

Follow along as Sarah shares a detailed look at the planning, design and execution of a large-scale destination wedding. Topics covered include client consultation, vision development and proposal writing, site visits, logistics, staffing, floral ordering, design and installation, challenges and solutions.

BONUS Content

Join Sarah for a webinar for the opportunity
to have any of your unanswered business
questions addressed.

Sarah Winward
The Nature of Wedding Floral Design + Professional Combo
Both courses purchased together is a combined 500+ pages exploring floral design and business development with Sarah Winward.
Sarah Winward
The Nature of Wedding Floral Design 
An in-depth exploration of Sarah Winward’s floral philosophy, design, and execution.
Sarah Winward
The Nature of Wedding Floral Design for Professionals
The course covers topics such as how Sarah's approach to working with clients, writing estimates, preparing proposals, pricing, ordering and staffing.


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