What You'll Learn

Inspired by Installations

Learn Sarah Winward’s creative process when it comes to designing large-scale floral installations. In this chapter you’ll hear how Sarah comes up with her unique ideas for installations, including how she she visualizes a design in a space, prepares mood boards for her clients and draws inspiration from sources such as environments, colors, and floral product.

Chuppah Design | Hanging Installation | Floral Wall | Floral Arch

Watch 4 video tutorials as Sarah designs a chuppah, a hanging installation, a floral wall, and a (really big) arch. Along with the 4+ hours of tutorial videos, you’ll find supporting PDFs listing lots of extra information about things like budgeting and pricing, logistics, sourcing, and the mechanics and materials used to construct each installation.

The Business of Installations

All the “behind the scenes” that goes into designing a floral installation is covered in this chapter. First up you’ll learn how Sarah educates her clients and communicates installation ideas with them. Next up we’ll cover the topic of pricing and budget, followed by ordering, sourcing and foraging, staffing and logistics, and Sarah’s go-to methods and materials for installations.

Case Studies

In this chapter you’ll find 10 case studies of floral installations Sarah has completed in the past. You will learn about her entire process from beginning to end; how Sarah came to the project, how she imagined it, designed it, then ordered flowers for it. She’ll walk you through how she planned the logistics for completing the installation, and tell you about the actual execution. Each of these case studies includes a list of the flowers and materials used. For some of the projects Sarah also shares her hard costs as well as retail price charged.


In two bonus videos you’ll watch Sarah design an inexpensive doorway arch that could be applied in a variety of situations, and a floral arch perfect for a ceremony.

Inspired by the Seasons

Hear Sarah describe her love of the natural environment and the seasons and how they have long been her source of inspiration when it comes to floral design. From the variety of color palettes and shapes to the changing availability of product, Sarah explains how the seasons are hey key to keeping her work alive and fresh, while still true to her aesthetic as a designer.

Winter | Spring | Summer | Fall

Watch 4 video tutorials as Sarah designs an arrangement using seasonal product from each of the four seasons. Along with the 2+ hours of tutorial videos, you’ll find supporting PDFs where Sarah shares the inspiration behind each of the designs she makes, as well as the floral recipes, costs and suggested retail pricing. In addition, Sarah talks about the challenges and opportunities she’s faced with each season, along with detailed lists of her favorite foliages, florals and fruits at each time of year. (There’s some helpful floral care and processing tips included as well.)

Case Studies

Each seasonal chapter of this course includes 10 case studies of floral designs Sarah has created in the past - many of which have never been shared before. Along with each case study you will find a recipe breakdown, suggested retail price and detailed inspiration and design instruction.


In this bonus video you’ll watch Sarah make a floral hair crown and share some tips and techniques for more intricate designs.

The Best of Sarah Winward: Installation Design
The Best of Sarah Winward Combo: Installation Design + Seasonal Floral Design
The Best of Sarah Winward: Seasonal Floral Design