Learning from Ginny has been a wonderful opportunity to discover the creative process behind the beautiful images that she designs & styles. Ginny has taught me how to seek inspiration from the most unexpected of sources, to design with a purpose, & develop my ideas into something tangible. As I have no previous background in the arts, Ginny's teachings have been the perfect introduction to the creative world."
—Lesley Lau, photographer & stylilst
"Working with Ginny has changed the way I approach photography at a fundamental level, & for that, I'll be forever grateful. The artistic enthusiasm, vision, & commitment she brings to every endeavor causes anyone lucky enough to collaborate with her to feel inspired & uplifted. With her unique perspective of the world & her passion for everything she touches, Ginny pushes the boundaries of what is possible in the wedding industry & beyond."
—Erich Mcvey, photographer
“I have been honored to know Ginny for several years now & am always inspired by her passion for her work. Her work is pure, overflowing from her heart. She is an open book & incredibly enthusiastic about teaching. I have no doubt that everything in this course will challenge & propel you & your craft.”
—Rylee Hitchner, photographer
"From the first paragraph, this course has completely changed the way I think about design, styling, & even photography. I am inspired to think beyond the final product & focus on the process of capturing a shoot or wedding day for my clients. Everyone should read this course & soak in as much knowledge from Ginny as possible. She is so transparent about her thought & design process—it feels like you are sitting across from Ginny, picking her brain."
—Sarah Carpenter, photographer
"Working through this course has helped me understand where to start vs. where not to start. Conceptualizing that unique designs don't come from already completed & produced work has opened my mind to so many more possibilities for my work & my clients. In just a few days since reading through the course, I've been able to produce one of my best client proposals—it is so much more interesting, captivating, & inspiring than what the client came to me with originally, & this all comes down to the simple idea that we should each be driven by a creative process rather than what our brides show us on Pinterest."
—Lauren Wiebe, designer at Stone House Creative
"This course is like an intimate chat with Ginny that moves through her creative process stepwise—all the notes have been taken for you. Ginny's discussion on her Process Driven theory has made a significant impact on how I will approach photoshoots & weddings. Her genuine compassion for her clients shines through as she creates meaningful environments for them to celebrate their wedding day. Best of all, she goes through her process step-by-step (for both photo shoots and weddings), leaving me without any questions & a significant comprehension of her styling process. I would highly recommend this course to anyone looking to better understand styling, or anyone that is looking to make more intentional & meaningful images for their clients."
—Brian Whitt, photographer
"Ginny is a natural mentor. She has given me invaluable insight into who I am & who I can be as a creative. This insight comes from the fact that she has explored so much of what it means to be authentic in her own career. She's set a path for herself as a creative & has invited her peers to both learn from her & influence her, resulting in a wealth of creative energy & experience that she has to offer."
—Script Merchant, calligrapher
"There are very few people that I have spend a day with that changed the way I look at & approach photography forever. Ginny Au was gracious enough to co-host two workshops with Jen Huang & myself. Listening to Ginny speak about her thought process for lifestyle shooting & then working with her on multiple shoots, without a doubt, completely challenged my own process. She delves into the subjects' minds to capture their true selves. Ultimately, this translates into imagery that is not only beautiful, but meaningful & is truly unique & special."
—Kurt Boomer, photographer
"Ginny has a way of telling stories through her designs that convey a complex & multi faceted narrative while visually feeling unfussy & effortless. I find her use of color, texture, & natural elements to demonstrate an idea or inspiration allows her to stay uninhibited in a world where many replications take place. I have often looked to Ginny’s creative process in my own styling & floral work. Her naturalist approach breathes life into a design that may otherwise feel stagnant or disconnected. Perhaps this is a moment of scattered sea salt on a table or the painterly movement captured of a café server. These subtleties allow viewers the ability to connect with Ginny’s art in a way that feels unforced & intuitive."
—Soil & Stem, florist
"Ginny Au is known for her organic & minimal style. She thoughtfully considers her environment & draws inspiration from her surroundings before she creates, infusing subtle beauty into her designs. She is a true Creative Director & takes such joy in creating the whole look & feel, from the way the clothing on the model moves to the way the lighting on the table illuminates people's faces. She thinks beyond color palettes & textures into the real soul of the project."
—Ginny Branch, prop stylist
"In an industry of so many talented creatives, I found myself struggling to find my own voice. From my first interaction with Ginny, I knew she was committed to helping cultivate a brand & distinct vision for my work. Her positive reinforcement & encouragement emboldens me to seek out a life that truly inspires me. Working with Ginny Au was the most valuable investment I've made for my business. It has changed the way I approach my clients & a wedding day in its entirety."
—Jenna Hill, photographer
"Ginny Au is an inspiring friend & I am grateful for every experience I have shared with her. I love the way she sees nature, life, & the mundane. She sets the stage for a moment, curating reality beautifully & telling a story."
—Bows & Arrows, floral design, creative direction, styling
"Ginny's guidance as a mentor has been integral to our growth as artists. She draws inspiration from almost anything natural that light touches in a way that is almost second nature to her. Her style of teaching is gentle & constructive, & you can trust that when working with her on a creative project, she will exceed your expectations."
—Michael and Carina Photography
"Ginny's creative process is organic, honest, & simple in it's approach. Her work allows other creatives she works with the movement & space to learn & thrive, creating a space that encourages collaboration & constant learning."
—Elisa Bricker, photographer
“In several years of working in this industry, I have never worked with someone with such a pulse on the feelings an image can evoke. Ginny has an amazing way of seeing things that bring great emotion before they even occur. I love her passion for seeing authenticity within the work we do & her desire to execute a beautiful vision.”
—Ryan Ray, photographer
"Ginny's insight into her creative process is the closest thing you can get to a graduate degree in wedding styling. From her practical advice on design to her methodical styling approach, this course is full of invaluable information that we cannot wait to implement. Artfully constructed & easy to understand, Ginny tells & shows you how to tap into your personal creativity while telling your client's story."
—Tart Event Co, event planning and design
"I did a one-on-one workshop with Ginny because I was drawn to her work—everything she creates has this distinctive, gorgeous aesthetic. As we worked on things like composition, light, texture, & movement, she enabled me to see my subjects in new & different ways. Through this process I feel like she's helping me develop my voice as a photographer. She's such a giving person who really pours her heart into what she does & works hard to get to know you as a student. You can't help but learn from her.”
—Greer Gattuso, photographer
"Ginny is truly the master of simple, organic styling. Getting into her head & exploring how she turns any & all inspiration into a cohesive event or shoot has been an incredibly educational & beautiful process!"
—mStarr design, event planning and design
"Learning from Ginny produced the most dramatic season of growth for my photography & my business. I felt creatively stuck, and knew there was a missing element that I couldn’t grasp. Throughout our time together, Ginny encouraged me to look for more than just beauty in an image, to strive for more movement, to allow genuine moments to unfold, & to embrace the softness and femininity that flows naturally from my brand. Whether it’s pieces for a shoot or aspects of your business, Ginny is amazing because she doesn’t just see how pieces will fit well together, she sees how they will flourish together.”
—Michelle Boyd, photographer